How to Get Customers Full Name from Magento?

We can use mysql to get customers’ full name, you can add customer’s email also by using mysql clause, for example, we need to search 10,000 customers from Canada, and save the result a to a new table, say aaa_ca_custoemr, here the code:

CREATETABLE aaa_ca_custoemr SELECT `entity_id` , `firstname`.`value`AS`First_Name` , `surname`.`value`AS`Surname` , `customer_entity`.`email`
FROM `customer_address_entity_varchar`AS`country`
INNERJOIN `customer_address_entity_varchar`AS`firstname`
USING (`entity_id`)
INNERJOIN `customer_address_entity_varchar`AS`surname`
USING (`entity_id`)
INNERJOIN `customer_entity`
USING (`entity_id`)
WHERE `country`.`attribute_id`=26 && `country`.`value`=”US” && `firstname`.`attribute_id`=19 && `surname`.`attribute_id`=21
LIMIT 0 , 10000;

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