X-cart V4.7.1 SEO on Customized URLs

If your x-cart based shoping system has thousands of products or many categories, and you need to add a customized word at the end of a detailed product or category url, for example:
Your category name is: Cheap Glasses, default x-cart seo function will generate: Cheap-Glasses;
your product name is: USA, defautl x-cart seo function will generate: USA. (more…)

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How to Let X-Cart Display latest WordPress Posts?

This mod assumes that you use the WordPress blogging software and uses the same database as your xcart software.
If your wordpress and x-cart use separate database then use this code for blog_headlines.php (more…)

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Bulk Change Mysql Database Table Prefix

We often need to change all our mysql database table prefix. If there are only one or three tables, that would be very easy for us to change. If there are too many, say 100 mysql tatabase tables. It will take us a lot of time, at the same time we may make mistakes.

Any other easy way? The answer is YES. Here let me share my php code, using html5, and mysqli! (more…)

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PHP Codes Do Not Working!

Yestday I uploaded a php page to my php VPS hosting from hostgator, i uploaded the file via ‘Secure File Transfer Client’, and I log in my hosting using the username of ‘root’, and its related passwords.

After I uploaded the file, and run the php page, I can not let it working. After about 30 minutes thinking, I found that the hosting directory is belong to a username called ‘eyeglasses’, not ‘root’.

I logged in the centos system via SecureCRT, and run: (more…)

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Get first letter of each word

< ?php
//get first letter of each word
//method a
$words = explode(" ", "Cheap prescription eyeglasses");
$acronym = "";

foreach ($words as $w) {
$acronym .= $w[0];

echo $acronym;


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Static Pages Link Display

How to stop part of static pages showing at homepage, help section, or both?

1. Not show at homepage only
Open file bottom.tpl, which is under fold of skin/2-columns/customer/, and change the following code:

{foreach from=$pages_menu item=p}
{if $p.show_in_menu eq 'Y'}

  • {$p.title|amp}
  • {/if}


    {foreach from=$pages_menu item=p}
    {if $pages_menu[pg].orderby gt "900"}

  • {$p.title|amp}
  • {/if}

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    Duplicate content on categories pages with multiple pages of x-cart

    I am working on my x-cart 4.4.5 site aajj.net. One thing I am running into is that I get duplicate content warnings on my categiries pages. For example… I have 200 products in a category with 20 products per page. This breaks the category up into 10 pages. The descriptive paragraph I have for the category is repeated on all 10 pages making a big chunk of duplicate content. (more…)

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    Adding custom text to bottom of all posts in particular category

    If we want to add the same piece of custom text to the bottom of every post in a certain category of wordpress. How do then?
    For example, we want to add “Good idea if you buy eyeglasses online!” at each page of category which category id is 2.

    Try to add the following code in your theme’s functions.php: (more…)

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    Bulk Generate Different Dates for Vbulletin

    We sometimes use php or mysql to generate many different user names, we found all users’ joining dates are the same. How to deal this issue then?

    Let me share my skills with you.

    <? function rand_time($a,$b) { $a=strtotime($a); $b=strtotime($b); return date( “Y-m-d H:m:s”, mt_rand($a,$b)); } $date1=”2012-02-20 08:15:42″; $date2=”2013-05-7 08:15:42″; $num = 2000; $i=0; while ($i < $num){  $date = rand_time($date1,$date2);  $date=strtotime($date);  $datea[]= $date;  $i++; }

    foreach ($datea as $values) { echo $values; echo “,<br>”;

    } ?>

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    Let WordPress Different Category Shows Different Style

    For example, we are designing a company site using wordpress, 2 categoris: product category, and new category. How to let these 2 categories show different styles?

    Creat 2 php files: product.php, news.php, and copy all contents from wp-content/themes/zeecompany/archive.php;
    Edit wp-content/themes/zeecompany/archive.php, delete all contents in archive.php, and copy the following code in archive.php: (more…)

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