How to disable customers to register?

1) 1.1) Remove the ‘Register’ link in the top right corner 1.2) Remove the ‘Create account for this Email’ checkbox on the cart.php?mode=checkout page. 1.3) The tool will help you to localize the templates Index: include/register.php index b95b9c35f2..9170d8bb29 100644 — include/register.php +++ include/register.php @@ -286,8 +286,7 @@ if ( * Check if user have […]

X-cart V4.7.8 Customer Head Menu

<li><a href=”javascript:;”>Eyeglasses</a> <ul class=”dropdown”> {foreach from=$categories_menu_list item=c} <li><a href=”home.php?cat={$c.categoryid}”>{$c.category}{if $c.top_product_count} ({$c.top_product_count}){/if}</a> {if $c.childs} {foreach from=$c.childs item=sc name=sc} {if $}<ul class=”dropdown”>{/if} <li><a href=”home.php?cat={$sc.categoryid}”>{$sc.category}{if $sc.top_product_count} ({$sc.top_product_count}){/if}</a> {if $sc.childs} {foreach from=$sc.childs item=ssc name=ssc} {if $smarty.foreach.ssc.first}<ul class=”dropdown”>{/if} <li><a href=”home.php?cat={$ssc.categoryid}”>{$ssc.category}{if $ssc.top_product_count} ({$ssc.top_product_count}){/if}</a> {if $ssc.childs} {foreach from=$ssc.childs item=sssc name=sssc} {if $smarty.foreach.sssc.first}<ul class=”dropdown”>{/if} <li><a href=”home.php?cat={$sssc.categoryid}”>{$sssc.category}{if $sssc.top_product_count} ({$sssc.top_product_count}){/if}</a> {if $sssc.childs} {foreach from=$sssc.childs item=ssssc […]

X-cart Seo For Nginx

Create a file called xcart.conf, and add the following code in this new file: if ($uri !~ “^/(payment|admin|provider|partner)/”){ set $rule_0 1$rule_0; } if ($request_filename !~ “\.(gif|jpe?g|png|js|css|swf|php|ico)$”){ set $rule_0 2$rule_0; } if (!-f $request_filename){ set $rule_0 3$rule_0; } if (!-d $request_filename){ set $rule_0 4$rule_0; } if ($request_filename !~ “-l”){ set $rule_0 5$rule_0; } if ($rule_0 = […]

How to modify Contact Us meta tags of X-cart 5?

For seo purpose, we need to modify default contact up page meta tags, follow me, and you will know how I have modified this for ¬† First, create a file called ContactUs.php, and place it under classes/XLite/Module/XC/CustomSkin/Controller/Customer, add the following content within this file: <?php namespace XLite\Module\XC\CustomSkin\Controller\Customer; /** * Decorated controller class. * * @LC_Dependencies […]

X-cart v4: remove home.php

how to remove home.php of v4.6.4 completely? If you need to change the link of your web-site’s logo, from /home.php to /, just modify this file: common_files/customer/head.tpl – find this code: <code> <div class=”logo”><a href=”{$catalogs.customer}/home.php”><img src=”{$ImagesDir}/xlogo.gif” alt=”” /></a></div> </code> and change it to: <code> <div class=”logo”><a href=”{$catalogs.customer}/”><img src=”{$ImagesDir}/xlogo.gif” alt=”” /></a></div> </code> For custom skins, you […]

Extra Block at Left Bar of X-cart V4.7.4

Sometimes we may need to add a block just as Category Block at the left side bar, here let me share the skills on how to do, I will add a block, just under the big Category block. In the new block I will add some useful links.

X-cart V4.7.1 SEO on Customized URLs

If your x-cart based shoping system has thousands of products or many categories, and you need to add a customized word at the end of a detailed product or category url, for example: Your category name is: Cheap Glasses, default x-cart seo function will generate: Cheap-Glasses; your product name is: USA, defautl x-cart seo function […]

How to Let X-Cart Display latest WordPress Posts?

This mod assumes that you use the WordPress blogging software and uses the same database as your xcart software. If your wordpress and x-cart use separate database then use this code for blog_headlines.php

Static Pages Link Display

How to stop part of static pages showing at homepage, help section, or both? 1. Not show at homepage only Open file bottom.tpl, which is under fold of skin/2-columns/customer/, and change the following code: {foreach from=$pages_menu item=p}     <ul>     {if $p.show_in_menu eq "Y"}     <li>         <a href="pages.php?pageid={$p.pageid}">{$p.title|amp}</a>     </li>     {/if}     […]