You can’t add that domain: you don’t have permission to add!

Today I tried to add to my Dreamhost account, after I click ‘Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain’ under DreamHost admin Panel, and try to add this domain name, failed, and I got a message, says ‘You can’t add that domain: you don’t have permission to add!. I googled but did not find […]

Hostgator Web Hosting Questions & Answers

How to let Hostgator web hosting support PHP 5.3? Shared and Reseller We currently have 5.3.5 installed on all servers. A handler for PHP 5.3 is added to our shared and reseller servers for those who wish to utilize it. In order to utilize this handler, you will need to add the following code to […]

How to add sub domains at another web hosting?

I want to  run at a vps from hostgator, and to run at aother shared web hosting from hostgator also, and do not use redirect to achieve this. We all know if we deal redirect not well, it  is very bad for our sub domain seo.

How to Change php.ini of Dreamhost Web Hosting?

We usually edit .htaccess to achieve our special demands when we use the web hosting from But sometimes we have to modify php.ini to get better results, for example, we often meet the following error when we import posts to wordpress, especially we import more than 7MB files. We usually have 3 methods to […]

How to let 2 domains show the same contents in Hostgator Hosting?

Sometimes we want to 2 domains show the same contents in Hostgator Web Hosting, and show different domain. For example, we want to let, and show the same contents, but use differnt domains also. We can do like this when we Addon Domains to Hostgator Cpanel.

Easy way do delete files from cpanel

Sometimes we need to empty all files under a web hosting, how to do then?  Very simple, just login your cpanel, click “File Manager” and choose “public_html”, del  “public_html” and rebuild a new one. That’s it! Very easy, right!  Somebody may ask how to del part of the files, also very easy. Go to  “public_html”, and […]

Chinese can buy Hostgator Web Hosting Via Paypal Now!

For a long time, hostgator( does not allowed China IP customers to pay via paypal for the first time when they buy hostgator web hosting, they have to pay via Check or TT in advance. Today I bought one hosting for my customer,  I did not receive the email asking me to pay via West […]

How do I show hidden files?

To enable file display from the server, create a .ftpaccess file with the line: ListOptions “-a” We often want to delete files in dreamhost, if the document contains .htaccess, we can not delete the document. Now we can use this method and delete all very easily. If the above method does not function, you can […]