How do I show hidden files?

To enable file display from the server, create a .ftpaccess file with the line:
ListOptions “-a”

We often want to delete files in dreamhost, if the document contains .htaccess, we can not delete the document. Now we can use this method and delete all very easily.

If the above method does not function, you can try the following to displaying .htaccess with CuteFTP

To view hidden files on your remote host, follow these steps:

1. Open the Site Manager (press F4).
A. CuteFTP Home users: Click on the name of the relevant site.
B. CuteFTP Pro users: Right-click on the relevant site name and then click Properties.
2. Click the Actions tab, then click Filter.
3. Select the Enable Filtering check box.
4. In Server side filtering, select the Enable Server Side Filtering check box.
5. In the Remote Filter box, type -a.
6. Click OK, then click Connect.