Chang X-cart Detailed Product Page Product Thumbnail Place

As we know, at x-cart 2 colomns template, product thumbnail of detailed product page is at the left.

How can we change the Product Thumbnai to center, and at the same time, remove the default left space?

Remove the Detailed Product Page Product Thumbnail Place:
1. open skin/common_files/customer/main/product.tpl, delete the following code:

{if $active_modules.Detailed_Product_Images and $config.Detailed_Product_Images.det_image_popup eq 'Y' and $images ne ''}

{include file="modules/Detailed_Product_Images/widget.tpl"}


{include file="product_thumbnail.tpl" productid=$product.image_id image_x=$product.image_x image_y=$product.image_y product=$product.product tmbn_url=$product.image_url id="product_thumbnail" type=$product.image_type}


{if $active_modules.Magnifier and $config.Magnifier.magnifier_image_popup eq 'Y' and $zoomer_images}
{include file="modules/Magnifier/popup_magnifier.tpl"}

2. open skin/2-columns/customer/main/product_details.tpl, and paste the above code under:
{if $active_modules.Gift_Registry and $wishlistid}


Remove Default Left Space
Open skin/common_files/customer/main/product.tpl, find:

and change it to: