How to remove the title attribute using dreamweaver?

Here are some html code:

<A title=”mens glasses” href=””>Men’s Glasses</A>
<A title=”womens glasses” href=””>Women’s Glasses</A>
<A title=”kids glasses” href=””>Kids Glasses</A>

If we do not need title attribute in these href code, and let them be:

<A href=””>Men’s Glasses</A>
<A href=””>Women’s Glasses</A>
<A href=””>Kids Glasses</A>

Some people may think it is very easy, we can delete them one by one.  I think there is one thing we have to consider, if there are thousands of such href links, how can we remove all the title attribute one by one?!

Here let me share a method with you, we can use the replace function, and regular expression of dreamweaver to achieve our demands.

1. Press Ctrl+F, and  find :
<A title=”womens glasses” href

2. Replace it as:
<<A( .*) href

3. Select:
Using Regular Expression

And Replace All, Done!