Finding Items in an Array or not with PHP

The problem: we have an array of items in PHP and we want to find out if a specific item is in the array. In code we can define the array as:

IE we have an array called $fruitBasket which contains 5 strings, each of which is the name of a fruit. We want to find out if there is an Apple in the $fruitBasket – is there an element “Apple” in the array?
We do this with the following code:

This code uses the in_array() method to check if the element “Apple” exists in the array $fruitBasket:

in_array(“life insurance”, $insurance)
in_array() takes two parameters here: firstly the object we’re looking for, in this case “life insurance”, and secondly the array which we’re looking in, $insurance. It then returns a boolean value: true if “life insurance” is in the array, or false if it isn’t.