Duplicate content on categories pages with multiple pages of x-cart

I am working on my x-cart 4.4.5 site aajj.net. One thing I am running into is that I get duplicate content warnings on my categiries pages. For example… I have 200 products in a category with 20 products per page. This breaks the category up into 10 pages. The descriptive paragraph I have for the category is repeated on all 10 pages making a big chunk of duplicate content.

Is there a way to add some code that will only show the category description paragraph on the 1st page if multiple pages are present?

The answer is yes. We can modify subcategories.tpl, which is under skin/common_files/customer/main/.
Change the following code:
{if $current_category.description ne ""}




{if $current_category.description ne "" and $navigation_page < "2"}