Extra Block at Left Bar of X-cart V4.7.4

Sometimes we may need to add a block just as Category Block at the left side bar, here let me share the skills on how to do, I will add a block, just under the big Category block. In the new block I will add some useful links.

Go to skin/common_files/customer/, copy categories.tpl, and rename the new file to glasses_shop.tpl. Edit glasses_shop.tpl, and add your own content.

Now check the x-cart skin you are using, say light_responsive,  go to skin/light_responsive/customer/, and edit left_bar.tpl. Find

{include file=”customer/categories.tpl”}

and modify the line to:

{if $main eq “pages”}
{include file=”customer/categories.tpl”}
{include file=”customer/categories.tpl”}
{include file=”customer/glasses_shop.tpl”}

Demo: http://www.loupesusa.com , at this site, I have remove the extra block at all static pages.