Problems with the CURL extension While Installing Zen-cart Under Nginx

“Problems with the CURL extension – PHP is reporting that CURL is not present.
Could not use CURL to contact a live server”

How to deal with this issue?

First you need to update your CURL, visit, and check the latest curl, say curl-7.61.0.tar.gz; Login your hosting via SecureCRT or putty, and run:




tar -xzvf curl-7.55.1.tar.gz

Install and override the old:

cd curl-7.55.1



make install

Using  curl –version to check it is installed successfully or not!

Next, modify php.ini, which is usually under usr/local/php/etc/php.ini.

Find extension=php_curl.dll, and remove ; which is befor extension=php_curl.dll.

Last step, reboot your centos system: