How to Add FAQ Schema at Each Category of WordPress?

Simple method, we can add our FAQ code in a category description.

Step A: Install the plug-in which is named “HTML in Category Descriptions“,  and activate it, then we can add schema code in the description block.

Step B

There are 2 methods for FAQ Schema code: JSON-LD, and Microdata. Let me share the 2 methods one by one.

Method One, Microdata: We add the Microdata code directly, and the code will display on the related front page directly.

Method Two, JSON-LD: the code will show at the header, not at the body part, so we have to  remove the description from the body.

Edit archive.php, and fine simila code and remove it.
the_archive_description( ‘<div class=”taxonomy-description”>’, ‘</div>’ );

Next, reload the description code at the header, edit header.php, add the following code:

<?php if (is_category(”)) {
echo category_description();
} ?>

For demo: