How to chang Vbulleting Domain Name?

Sometimes we want to change vbulleting forum domain name, here are some tips on how to do:

1. Before you change your old domain name to your new domain name, login into you cpanel, go to vBulletin Options, Choose Site Name / URL / Contact Details, and change your Forum URL to your new forum url, that is to say, your new domains.

2. Copy all file under your old web host to your new web host.

 3. Back up your old database and import to your new forum database.

4. Open config.php under includes category, and change your database info.

That’s all.

 There is another way you can change your domain name:

1. change config.php to your new database info.

2. login phpmyadmin, search your old domain name, and click “hotel_setting”, set the old domain name in Forum URL, and Homepage URL to your new domain name.