Skills on How to Show different Adsense Ads at WordPress

More and more people love to use wordpress to setup blogs and place adsense ads, and many people still love the use the theme of Classic, by Dave Shea. Can we show different adsense code at the same place, but different pages then? For example, we want to show 2 adsense block at the main […]

How to change left width 2-columns skin of x-cart v4.5?

For our personal needs, we may need to change the left width of 2-columns skin of x-cart. At present, most users are using X-cart Gold V4.5. Go to skin/2-columns/css, and open altskin.css, change: #left-bar { width: 207px; margin-left: 0; }

How to Change php.ini of Dreamhost Web Hosting?

We usually edit .htaccess to achieve our special demands when we use the web hosting from But sometimes we have to modify php.ini to get better results, for example, we often meet the following error when we import posts to wordpress, especially we import more than 7MB files. We usually have 3 methods to […]

Show Latest Testimonals at Zen-Cart Homepage

Sometimes we like to show several latest customers testimonals at zen-cart based shopping cart homepage. How to do then? Here are my method, let me share the code with you. Go go to includes/modules, and open left_column.php, add the following code: <code><? $sql = “select  * from pres_testimonials where status = 1 order by id […]

How to Add Extra Text at X-cart Product Name?

There are several places need to modify to add extra text at X-cart Product Name. 1. For Products at X-cart Homepage and Detailed Category Page: Go to /2-columns/customer/main/products_t.tpl, and change {$current_category.category} {$product.product|amp} to: {if $main eq “catalog” && $current_category.category eq “”} Cheap Eyeglasses {$product.product|amp} {elseif $main eq “catalog” && $current_category.category ne “”} {$current_category.category} {$product.product|amp} {/if}

Enable ajax to Deal with Time Out Issues

If you have thousands categories and you do not enable ajax, you will often meet time out issues, such as: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in ****include/functions.php on line XXX How to deal with this then? Here let me share my tip with you.

How to change x-cart v4.4.4 Admin Title?

When we visit our X-Cart shopping cart admin panel, the defaul words between and is X-CART. Powerful PHP shopping cart software. How can we change these words to meet our needs then? There are 2 methods:

Chang X-cart Detailed Product Page Product Thumbnail Place

As we know, at x-cart 2 colomns template, product thumbnail of detailed product page is at the left. How can we change the Product Thumbnai to center, and at the same time, remove the default left space? Remove the Detailed Product Page Product Thumbnail Place: 1. open skin/common_files/customer/main/product.tpl, delete the following code:

How to move x-cart homepage welcome text?

The default place of x-cart welcome test is at the top of homepage. If you like to remove the welcome text to other place, say just under featured products. How to do then? Very simple! Login your x-cart admin panel, click “Edit templates Files”, and go to “/customer/main/welcome.tpl”.