Use WordPress to Setup Multi Blogs Under One Mysql Database

We can use Mu to setup multi wordpress blogs. If you do not want to do so, you can use wordpress to setup multiy blogs also.  For example, we want to set up two blogs: ,and, we only add the following code at wp-config.php:

2 Methods to show wordpress lastest posts at other site

Method one, we can show other wordpress posts at our site by using, download a wordpress plugin, named “simplepie-core”, and upload to your site root, you can rename to other name also, ie, Then add the following code at your own site .php file.

Display Domain Name

How would I display the domain name of the page I am at. Lets say it it and I want to display Exactly like that. No www, or http:// included. In fact, it is very use to let PHP do such thing: $hostname = $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’]; $hostname = str_replace(‘www.’, ”, $hostname); echo $hostname;

How to add 10 hot wordpress posts

If you want to add 10 host post at your right bar, just copy and past the following code: <h2>Hot PHP Posts</h2> <ul> <?php $result = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT comment_count,ID,post_title FROM $wpdb->posts ORDER BY comment_count DESC LIMIT 0 , 10″); foreach ($result as $post) { setup_postdata($post); $postid = $post->ID; $title = $post->post_title; $commentcount = $post->comment_count; if ($commentcount […]

Using PHP to Generate Strong Password

If you want to have very strong password to protect your account, here is the code for : <code> <?php   function generatePassword($length=9, $strength=0) {     $vowels = ‘aeuy’;     $consonants = ‘bdghjmnpqrstvz’;     if ($strength & 1) {         $consonants .= ‘BDGHJLMNPQRSTVWXZ’;     }     if ($strength & 2) {         $vowels .= “AEUY”; […]

Redirect by PC or mobile phone access

Just the same domain, using the following code, you can let your computer and mobile phone show different contents. We have to design 2 pages, all named index.php, the first one will be put at your host root, and the other one will be put under wap. Page 1. Cheap Glasses Cheap Prescription Glasses, and […]

Share 1 set vbulletin code with multi vbulletin forums in one host

If you have several vbulletin licenses, and you only have very small web hosting. I can tell you a skill on how to share one set vbulletin code with multi vbulletin licenses. add the following to config.php. and change the other 2 forums’ config.php to configlocalhost.php and config127.php. that’s all.

Delet category and documents powerfully

Chang myparth to the path you plan to del, save as del.php, upload del.php to the space you want to del document or category. All the files will be deleted.

CPA/CPL affiliate networks that show targeted ads

That is what I get for my browser. Something like this would work well. $langdone == false; if (preg_match(“/en-gb/siU”, $_SERVER[“HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE”]) == 1) {  echo “echo your en gb links/banner”;  $langdone == true; } if (preg_match(“/en-us/siU”, $_SERVER[“HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE”]) == 1) {  echo “echo your en us links/banner”;  $langdone == true; }// default if ($langdone==false) {  echo “echo […]