php7.2: the each() function is deprecated

The each() function is deprecated under php7.2. If we run the following code we will get errors: <?php $arr=array( ‘glasses1’ => ‘reading glasses’, ‘glasses2’ => ‘bifocal glasses’, ‘glasses3’ => ‘progressive glasses’ ); while(list($key,$val)=each($arr)){ echo $key.’—>’.$val.'<br>’; } ?>   Deprecated: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in E:\xampp\htdocs\index.php on […]

Sublime Text 3 – How Can We Add Our PHP Tags?

I want to add some custom tags for my development – but I don’t know how to do it. I have tried snippets but it doesn’t work because my tags have some special symbols. How can I add my tags so that the snippets work? Eg: when I fill pre in sublime text, it will […]